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Depression is not a Disease - In creating my own model of working with people presenting with depression, I have been very much influenced by first and foremost understanding my family of origin. My mother studied medicine in Trinity College and qualified. She did her internship in Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and came back to Our Lady of Lourdes […]
Anger Management - Programme Content You will be led through a two day exploration of how anger develops, the damage it can do and the means to resolve it. This workshop is ideal for therapists, psychologists, teachers, medical professional and anyone interested in learning more about the subject matter. Part 1: Understanding Anger Part 2: Why we get […]
The Family The Family - The family is the oldest and most powerful institute on the planet. There is nothing more sacred than a family. A family is where character is formed, ethics are created, values are learned and society is preserved. Our greatest joys and our greatest heartbreaks surround our family life. Everything that happens in a society is […]
Mind & Body Stress - Unmanaged anxiety is the biggest killer in the World today!! Introduction I can’t imagine that there has ever been a time when more people knew as much about stress and anxiety or there were as many books and classes on how to get a handle on it. Hospitals around the country have classes on stress […]
Creating Resilience In Challenging Times - This is a Programme which can be presented in one day, two day or weekend workshops. It uses the most up to date scientific and cutting edge methods of understanding how to get the most out of the human condition while at the same time understanding how to nurture and take care of it. To understand the human condition […]
Anxiety Healing The Families Anxiety - Southern Regional Committee of IACP Present a Workshop titled “Healing the Families Anxiety” Presenter: Dr Fergus Heffernan Venue Vienna Woods Hotel Glanmire Cork. Date:Sat 31 Oct 2015 Registration: 9.30am Start: 10am to 4pm Workshop Outline: Anxiety and how it affects the family system is very misunderstood and a poorly researched area. Families have seldom lived in […]