The Importance of Family

Family love is like the wind, instinctive, raw, fragile, beautiful, at times angry but always unstoppable. It is our collective breath. It is the world’s greatest force. It is our last miracle. Families depict the joy, heartbreak and love that shape and make up our lives.

Family love is the bond that brings us together as a parent and child, a sister and brother or a youth and elder. From a fathers first look at his new born child to a weathered grandma’s embrace. From the laughter of an eighty year old uncle to the promise of a mothers kiss. These powerful moments tell the story of humanity and celebrate its deepest emotional connection.

A family is…

A deeply rooted tree with branches of different strengths all receiving nourishment from an infinite source.

A family is where character is formed, values are learned, ethics are created and society is preserved.

A family is where all members contribute and share, co-operate and work and accept their responsibilities towards the good of the group.

A family is where holidays are celebrated with feasting, birthdays acknowledged with gifts and thoughts of days gone by are kept alive with fond remembrances.

A family is where each can find solace and comfort in grief, pleasure and laughter in joy and kindness and encouragement in daily living.

A family is a haven of rest, a sanctuary of peace and most of all a harbour of love.