Anger Management

Programme Content

You will be led through a two day exploration of how anger develops, the damage it can do and the means to resolve it. This workshop is ideal for therapists, psychologists, teachers, medical professional and anyone interested in learning more about the subject matter.

  • Part 1: Understanding Anger
  • Part 2: Why we get Angry
  • Part 3: The Role of Anger in our Lives
  • Part 4: Anger and Power
  • Part 5: Managing Your Anger-Facing the Pain
  • Part 6: Expressing Anger Safely
  • Part 7: Eight Golden Rules of Anger Management
  • Part 8: Anger and the Counsellor


Dr Fergus Heffernan

Fergus is a world renowned presenter and facilitator who possesses the ability to combine the delivery of key information with a dynamic presentation style. He has spent much of the past 33 years working with the Irish Defence Forces, the United Nations, and NATO based in New York.

He has worked with soldiers and their families in Theatre of War Locations from Afghanistan to Iraq, from Central Africa to East Timor and from The Balkans to the Middle East.

He is a visiting lecturer and workshop Director in Trinity College Dublin, Columbia University New York, and Boston University.