Dr Fergus Heffernan

Welcome. My name is Dr. Fergus Heffernan.

My academic qualifications are:

  • PHd in Neuro Science
  • MSc Cellular Molecular Biology
  • MSc Family Therapies
  • BSc Clinical Psychology.
Dr Fergus Heffernan - CHH Services

At first glance I am sure you would say this guy knows it all. Not true !! I actually did think I knew it all once upon a time but I suddenly discovered that although I had acquired a vast amount of knowledge and information through academic qualifications, I actually had very little wisdom i.e. Knowledge about me.

I grew up in a home where mental illness and alcoholism were major features that had a major bearing on my personal development and which led me into some dark places in my own personal life, which in turn I handed on to my own children. My mum was a highly educated woman, who went to medical school and qualified, but she spent her whole life in and out of psychiatric hospitals. The treatment she received was to stick electrodes to her head and fry her brain. She was then sent home with bottles of tablets. This is the way she lived her whole life. From an early age I always knew deep down that this could not be right. There had to be more to preserving my mums humanity than to electrocute and medicate her.

Thus began a life long journey of discovery, which is still ongoing, to seek to normalise the human condition rather than the relentless pursuit of psychiatry and industry to medicalise the human condition.

Although I trained to be a Psychologist, a Psychotherapist, a Family Therapist, a Scientist and a Biologist, in reality I am an Educationalist. All my Workshops, seminars, and Clinical Practices are guided by my understanding of how our

  • Physical(Physical Being)
  • Psychological(The way we behave)
  • Emotional(The way we feel)
  • Biological(Our Cells)
  • Neurological(Our automatic responses, for danger)
  • Spiritual(Our Sense of Connection and Belonging
  • Genetics(Our Blueprint)

all come together in one balanced interaction to create our humanity. If all of these are in balance life will be good, if they are not in balance life will not be good.


Dr Heffernan’s bringing together of Psychology, Physiology, Biology, Neurology, Emotional, and Spirituality, as a way of understanding the human condition, was pure genius in its simplicity.
Prof John Williams, Columbia University, New York, June 2014
A ground-breaking presentation , on young people and their mental health. Every person in Ireland should listen to what Dr Heffernan has to say. His delivery was exceptionally engaging at every level. There was 300 hundred young people present and you could hear a pin drop for two hours.
Eileen, Secondary School Principal Galway
Dr Heffernan’s insight and understanding of the impact anxiety is having on family life in Ireland today is inspirational
James, Belfast 2015
Being present at Dr Heffernan’s presentations is like a Spa Treatment for the Soul
Pamela, Kildare, 2014
It is a pity that we had to wait until sixth year for someone to come in and make sense for us of our Mental Health. Dr Heffernan was absolutely brilliant. We could not wait to get home and insist that our parents come and listen to him that night.
Leaving Cert Students, Carrick on Shannon Community School, April 2015
Dr Heffernan is outstanding. I loved his delivery style. The very “realness” of his way of interacting. His fantastic storytelling skill. Thought provoking & inspirational.
Mary, Killarney, Nov 2014
Dr Hefferenan is a born Communicator.
John, Cork, Feb 2015Army SergeantUS Marines
It is very rare to you meet someone who has such a compassionate insight into family life in Ireland. Dr Heffernan’s modern perspectives of Irish Families and their Mental Health is breath-taking and inspirational.
Jenny, cert in Family Therapy, IICP Tallaght, Nov 2014